I sometimes ask patients to write a review for me. I like to know how I am doing. Most of the reviews are basic they had back pain now the back pain is gone. That is a good review, but recently I had a patient give me a review that blew me away. This review was from Julie a patient of mine for the last 2 years. She said “Her Back pain turned out to be Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer stage 4. Her condition started a few months be for seeing Dr. Price for the 1st time. She had constant pain in her back that she thought my have been kidney stones. After Dr. Price seen me for a couple of treatments and the pain was still sever, he told me to go to the Emergancy room. I finally went and it turned out I had Cancer. Dr. Price saved my life. I would have never known or gotten treatment if he didn’t tell me to go to the Hospital.” This is why I am a Doctor of Chiropractic.  All back pain is not created equally. I work in Scottsdale, Az and my practice is on Indian School Rd. Check out our website www.pricechiropractic.com


About scottsdalechiropractic

Scottsdale Chiropractic-Acupuncture Services. Dr. Evan Price D.C. Scottsdale, Arizona 480-947-3979

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