Auto Accident Treatment – Scottsdale Az – Chiropractor

Price Chiropractic offers services for Patients of Auto Accidents. We are located in Scottsdale, Az on the NE corner of Miller Rd and Indian School Rd in a busy Fry’s Shopping Plaza. Dr. Evan Price has been treating Car Accident patients for over 15years. Each case is a little different. Some patients have allot of injuries and some have a little. Either way you owe it to yourself to get checked by a Physician that has been doing personal injury work for some time. Because treating a patient that has recently been involved in a car accident can be a long process. Documentation is very important and is always used for resolution of your case. Getting a Doctor of Chiropractic that knows how to properly Document and treat your injuries is very important for you to be compensated. Dr. Evan Price suggest always using an attorney that deals only with Personal Injury. Dr. Evan Price has referrals to Attorneys that he feels do the best job. A Car accident can take years off your life. If you wait to long after a Car accident to get checked, it is much harder to fix the injuries. Dr. Evan Price has very convenient hours, because he knows that everyone has a busy schedule. Give Dr. Evan Price a call at 480-9473979 or see our website at  or 


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Scottsdale Chiropractic-Acupuncture Services. Dr. Evan Price D.C. Scottsdale, Arizona 480-947-3979

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