When you or someone you know was involved in a car accident, getting treatment timely is very important. In Scottsdale, Az there is a car accident every 30mins. It can happen in an instant. Auto accident victims need to seek treatment as soon as possible. It is very important to take it seriously. Scottsdale is home to many types of people some may not want to bother with getting checked out. As a Chiropractor I know that life can get in the way of your health. Procrastination is the worst thing in this case. Injuries from an Auto Accident may not show up right away. It may take several weeks to months before the injuries show and if you wait it out, it can become a chronic problem that can last a life time.  Dr. Evan Price has helped many patients that have been involved in an Auto Accident.

Dr. Price does work with medical doctor that can prescribe pain relief medicine; the meds are only temporary relief. Dr. Price knows that once the pain is gone the work in restoring your body has just begun. Keep in mind the Chiropractors job is to fix the spine and re-align the vertebras, so to free the nerves from spinal pinching. Scottsdale Chiropractors know that pain is just a symptom, kind of like a fire alarm. If you have a fire the alarm is just a symptom of the fire, just like pain. Pain is just a symptom of a problem. Chiropractors fix the problem not the symptoms. Most of the patients I see that have been in a car accident tell me that the pain is making it hard to work. Sometimes it is important to take some time off. Trying to work through it is only going to make it worse. Make sure that you Chiropractor know you’re having trouble making it through the day. If your employer can’t understand, the good Scottsdale Chiropractor can make the call to your employer. Dr. Evan Price knows that sometime you must help the patient with getting the time off work that the patient needs the recover.

Dr. Evan Price has been a Scottsdale Chiropractor for over 15 years and is very knowalage in treating Auto Accident victims. Check out my website at www.pricechiropractic.com or www.scottsdalechiropractortoday.com


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