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Scottsdale Chiropractor Provides Auto Injury Care


Auto Accidents can change your life even if you feel there is nothing wrong with you. I have treated many victims of auto injuries. The ones that come in right after an accident usually feel the injuries right away. Some people feel that they have no injuries and usually do nothing to get checked out. After some time goes by “the I feel great people” usually start to feel something is wrong. Their back starts to hurt or they started getting headaches 2 weeks later. The problem is that when the headaches develop, they have waited 2 weeks or more already and the person at that time is not sure if the headaches came from the auto accident or something else. Always get checked right after an Auto Accident. If you have no pain, still get checked, because 2 weeks down the road is where problems may arise.  Getting checked out by a well qualified Chiropractor is very important. The sooner your treatment begins the better the results.  Chiropractic has changed allot over the years. The Doctors of Chiropractic know how to treat a victim of an Auto Accident. Certain types of treatments work best for Whiplash or Acceleration / deceleration injuries.

I live and work in Scottsdale and always see a lot of auto accidents. When I was involved in an Auto Accident I was driving and my passenger was a good friend that also was a Chiropractor. We stopped because the car in front of us stopped and then it happened. The car behind did not stop and we were rear ended.  The car behind me just rear ended two chiropractors “bummer for his insurance co.” as Chiropractor we know to get checked out right away. We know that the alignment of our spines is so important to our health. We were checked out right away and no I did not check him out and he did not check me. We went to Chiropractor that we knew and both received great treatment for our injuries.

Price Chiropractic of Scottsdale has been treating Auto Injuries for over 15years. Dr. Evan Price takes pride in quality treatments that he would want if he was the Auto injury Victim. Check out our website at and

Scottsdale Chiropractor – Auto Accidents


When you or someone you know was involved in a car accident, getting treatment timely is very important. In Scottsdale, Az there is a car accident every 30mins. It can happen in an instant. Auto accident victims need to seek treatment as soon as possible. It is very important to take it seriously. Scottsdale is home to many types of people some may not want to bother with getting checked out. As a Chiropractor I know that life can get in the way of your health. Procrastination is the worst thing in this case. Injuries from an Auto Accident may not show up right away. It may take several weeks to months before the injuries show and if you wait it out, it can become a chronic problem that can last a life time.  Dr. Evan Price has helped many patients that have been involved in an Auto Accident.

Dr. Price does work with medical doctor that can prescribe pain relief medicine; the meds are only temporary relief. Dr. Price knows that once the pain is gone the work in restoring your body has just begun. Keep in mind the Chiropractors job is to fix the spine and re-align the vertebras, so to free the nerves from spinal pinching. Scottsdale Chiropractors know that pain is just a symptom, kind of like a fire alarm. If you have a fire the alarm is just a symptom of the fire, just like pain. Pain is just a symptom of a problem. Chiropractors fix the problem not the symptoms. Most of the patients I see that have been in a car accident tell me that the pain is making it hard to work. Sometimes it is important to take some time off. Trying to work through it is only going to make it worse. Make sure that you Chiropractor know you’re having trouble making it through the day. If your employer can’t understand, the good Scottsdale Chiropractor can make the call to your employer. Dr. Evan Price knows that sometime you must help the patient with getting the time off work that the patient needs the recover.

Dr. Evan Price has been a Scottsdale Chiropractor for over 15 years and is very knowalage in treating Auto Accident victims. Check out my website at or

Auto Accident Treatment – Scottsdale Az – Chiropractor

Auto Accident Treatment – Scottsdale Az – Chiropractor

Price Chiropractic offers services for Patients of Auto Accidents. We are located in Scottsdale, Az on the NE corner of Miller Rd and Indian School Rd in a busy Fry’s Shopping Plaza. Dr. Evan Price has been treating Car Accident patients for over 15years. Each case is a little different. Some patients have allot of injuries and some have a little. Either way you owe it to yourself to get checked by a Physician that has been doing personal injury work for some time. Because treating a patient that has recently been involved in a car accident can be a long process. Documentation is very important and is always used for resolution of your case. Getting a Doctor of Chiropractic that knows how to properly Document and treat your injuries is very important for you to be compensated. Dr. Evan Price suggest always using an attorney that deals only with Personal Injury. Dr. Evan Price has referrals to Attorneys that he feels do the best job. A Car accident can take years off your life. If you wait to long after a Car accident to get checked, it is much harder to fix the injuries. Dr. Evan Price has very convenient hours, because he knows that everyone has a busy schedule. Give Dr. Evan Price a call at 480-9473979 or see our website at  or 

Scottsdale Chiropractor – Auto Accidents – Whiplash

Scottsdale Chiropractor – Auto Accidents – Whiplash

I have been treating patient that have been injured in car accidents for 15years. My practice is in Scottsdale , Az also called the land of car accidents. Scottsdale has many four way stops. It is these four way stops that are the problem. Most car accidents happen their. Never pull out into the intersection to turn left, always wait until the traffic clears. If you get into a accident always wait for the Scottsdale Police or the police in your area and always get a accident report. Never just exchange info and go. The report is the best evidence of the accident. When the Chiropractor does his exam, having the police report can give additional information of the type of accident (rear-end, side impact or other). Knowing the type of accident can better assist the Chiropractor in assessing your injuries. The majority of injuries we see from a car accident is whiplash. Whiplash can cause a variety of symptoms. Headache and neck pain are very common. It is very important to be evaluated after a car accident. If you get into a car accident and your neck is stiff, it may be whiplash. If not treated effectively, the symptoms can last a life time. I have seen many patient with whiplash and they all complain of headaches, neck pain and shoulder pain. Internally they could have major damage. Spinal fractures, artery issues and ligament damage. A qualified Chiropractor will be able to determine the severity of the whiplash and give the whiplash a grade 1, 2 ,3 or 4, 4 being the worst. Your Chiropractor should know when a MRI is needed or other diagnostic test should be uses. Getting the right exam and treatment at the right time is critical to your full recovery. Please call my office if you would like any information about car accidents and the treatment of. Chiropractor are treating these types of patients all the time. My name is Dr. Evan Price Chiropractor, Price Chiropractic Scottsdale, Az. check my website out at or

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Your Chiropractic Doctor wants you to know that the Nervous System controls all other systems of the body. The Nervous system is the master system.  As a Scottsdale Chiropractor you should know that a pinched nerve can reduce the function of that nerve by 90%. That reduction in function can cause pain and internal organ problems or organic problem. Chiropractors treat the pinched nerve or the pinched spinal cord. Treating these types of problems will improve the function of the nervous system. If you get Whiplash from a car accident and your neck gets whipped from side to side, this can cause the vertebra to pinch a nerve. This pinched nerve can be in the neck, lower back or anywhere around the spine. If you have a Headache and the pain lasts for days or weeks, this can be due to a pinched nerve. Chiropractors can adjust the vertebra to fix a pinched nerve. The vertebra that misaligns usually is the culprit that pinches the nerve. Get checked from your Chiropractor. I have been in practice for 15 years in Scottsdale, Az. I would be happy to check for any pinched nerves you may have “Free of charge”. Check out our website at or

Scottsdale Chiropractor has a New Massage Therapist

Recently I started working at Price Chiropractic as a massage therapist. I would like to thank Dr. Price for the opportunity to work with him and his great patients . My name is Julia Hunt and I graduated from Cortiva Institute of massage therapy located in Scottsdale, Az. I was introduced to massage by another massage therapist that improved the way I felt . Massage is beneficial for everybody. Helping people was what lead me to become a massage therapist.

My goal is to improve the body and mind, by relaxing and stretching the Muscular system of our bodies. It also increases flexibility and blood circulation by stimulating the circulatory system to improve better overall health. Massage relieves stress and helps injured muscles repair quickly for a faster recovery. Massage can give you well being and reduce muscle tightness so that the patient can feel comfort.

My favorite type of massage is Holistic massage which incorperates many different techniques of Swedish massage. Holistic massage focuses on the body as a whole and not just the physical aspects. Please schedule an appointment so you can feel for yourself the benefits of a well done massage. I look forward to meeting you.


Julia Hunt LMT.

P.S. Checkout our websites at and

Our Valintine’s Special is a $35 1hr Massage

Dr. Evan Price a Scottsdale Chiropractor

Dr. Price’s Injury relief Treatment

Dr. Evan Price has been practicing as a Scottsdale Chiropractor for over 15yrs. In the 15yrs Dr. Evan Price has been in Scottsdale, Dr. Price has found that patients who live in a Desert climate have different types of problems and symptoms then other areas of the country. A dry and warm climate like Scottsdale, AZ is great for your muscles and back pain. It is when the climate change occurs that the pain starts. When clear and warm sky’s change to cold and dark is when the problem starts. Our body’s hate drastic changes. So when the cold starts to hit us our muscles tighten and our body’s ache. Most Scottsdale Chiropractors are aware of weather related changes that affect us. Treating the body to restore its function can be done.

Dr. Price uses a verity of different types of treatments. One type is Chiropractic. With Chiropractic, I can adjust the body’s biomechanics. By aligning the vertebras of the spine, Dr. Price can relieve pressure on the nerves. Taking pressure off the nerves will allow the muscles and tissues of the body to relax, thus relieving the pain. Acupuncture is another tool he uses. Acupuncture helps the body become balanced. Balancing the body allows the energy “CHI” to flow. This energy can cause all kinds of problems if the flow is stagnating or in excess. Acupuncture restores the body’s proper flow of this energy. This intern relieves the pain. Acupuncture is a very powerful treatment. Another great treatment is Massage therapy. Massage helps the muscle to relax by applying pressure to tight and sore muscles. There are different types of massage. Trigger point massage is used to reduce tight knots in the muscle, by applying pressure to a small area. Myofascial type massages help restore balance to the muscle, thus helping reduce pain and tightness. There are many other types of massage that are just as good for the body. Our Massage therapist has been trained in many types of Massage. If you would like more detail about her treatments please ask us. I also use Ultrasound and Electric Muscle Stim. Both these therapies are great. The Electric Muscle Stim “EMS” reduces muscle spasms and inflammation along with pain relief. This is used mainly for the muscles and soreness. The Ultrasound is a form of sound wave. This sound wave enters the muscles and uses the muscles own water to heat it up. Both these modalities are very effective in restoring the health to your body.

Scottsdale Chiropractors usually set themselves apart by what they offer. Dr. Price has found it’s not only what you offer or the type of treatment, but how these treatments are applied. Dr. Evan Price has been treating patients the way he would like to be treated for 15yrs. At Price Chiropractic we incorporate different types of treatments to accomplish your goals. Price Chiropractic is located in the Downtown area of Scottsdale, Az. Please call and make an appointment, for the sooner we start treatment the quicker we can restore your health. Check out our websit at

Dr. Evan R. Price

Auto Accidents and your Body. Scottsdale Chiropractor

Auto Accidents and your Body.

I am a Scottsdale Az, Chiropractor in the downtown area. As I drive around Scottsdale I see all types of Auto accidents. These Accidents are all very different. Some of the Car accidents have a ton of damage and some may only have a small dent. Some Car accidents people just plan lose control and may hit something other than a Car.

All these accidents small or large will have an effect on you. Most of the injuries I see being a Scottsdale Chiropractor are soft tissue type injuries. This also may result in headaches, Neck or Back pain and a multitude of other symptoms. The number one thing to remember in an Auto Accident is don’t take the minor injuries for granted.

Always get your back checked out by your Chiropractor. These injuries may not always seem bad, but later can turn into a bigger problem. I see many patients that come in my office and say that they had Car accident years ago and they thought that their neck pain would eventually go away. Maybe the pain was better for a time and then it came back and turned into

A Chronic problem.

Chronic Problems are what we need to avoid. Getting proper Chiropractic treatment is the first step to better health and preventing chronic pain that can result from an Auto Accident. Your injuries weather minor or major need to get treated right away. Even the low impact accidents patients need to get checked. Maybe everything is ok or maybe not. Getting checked out doesn’t hurt. Dr. Evan Price will check for problem areas of the spine and take necessary X-rays that are needed. If certain symptoms show during the Exam, Dr. Evan Price works very close with Scottsdale Medical Imaging so if he needs to see a MRI it can be done.

Scottsdale Chiropractors know the danger of an Auto Accident and know that getting checkout after one is very important. Dr. Evan Price utilizes the most advanced tools to find out where the spinal problem is. A Semg is just one of Dr. Evan Price’s tools. This tool show muscle and nerve function. It is very important having a diagnostic tool that can show muscle and nerve issues especially after a car accident. Like x-ray is to the bones, Surface Electromyography is to muscle and nerves.

At Price Chiropractic we help the patient that was just in a car accident find an attorney that will wait for payment and will help you with the tough process of dealing with the Insurance Companies. Price Chiropractic will also wait for payment until your Accident case settles. So what does this mean for you? It means that you can rest easy and not have to deal with the Insurance Companies and worrying about the medical bills.

I hope you call us when you have an Auto Accident, I will make your recovery much easier.

Dr. Evan R. Price

Pain Management for the Back and Your Environment.

Pain Management for the Back and Your Environment.

Being a Scottsdale Chiropractor, I see all kinds of patients that have neck or Lower back pain. You could say that is what we see the most of. Back Pain could come from many sources. It could come from a Car Accident or Sports Injury. There are all kinds of ways it could happen. Most people don’t know it could come from our environments. I mean that your home or your work areas could be the culprit. Most of the Scottsdale Chiropractors understand that if you have an old bed that does not support you any more then that could be the culprit. If you have a bad couch that sinks when you sit on it that could be the culprit. Working around the house and yard work could be it.

Does your work environment cause you to have pain? Is it your desk or the open window with the cold air coming in? These are just some of the reasons you could have neck or lower back pain. I hear most of my patients complain of something in the environment that may have caused their pain. In Scottsdale we have extreme heat. This Heat can manifest it’s self into the muscles causing dryness and dehydration. This can cause tight muscles and sore joints. The cold can do the same causing constriction of the blood supply and allowing the joints to feel achy. Knowing your body and how it might react to this condition is the first line of defense.

Dr. Evan Price has been treating these conditions for over 15 years. Price Chiropractic is located in Scottsdale, Az. where he treats most of his patients. There are different kinds of Scottsdale Chiropractors. Some never understand why their patients continue to have the same issues during certain times of the year. Dr. Evan Price has a been helping people understand the triggers for their pain. Dr. Evan Price takes a hard look at the whole person and does not focus only on the pain. Pain is only a symptom of the problem. Understanding what the problem is will help the patient avoid the triggers. Chronic problems can be stopped. Whether an exercise plan is in order or Chiropractic Treatments. Getting the patient on tract to knowing what the problem is and how it starts makes all the difference. Price Chiropractic is here to make it happen. A fresh start on getting the back pain to go away.
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